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“Photos received. Looked at several times.

Squealed with delight.

Thank you! You are great!!!” -S.T.


“THESE ARE INSANE!  Seriously they are beyond beyond! How did you do that!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!! These are unreal. THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION TIMES A MILLION!!!You capture her so completely. I really don’t know how you do it. You are the greatest ever ever ever.Thank you thank you thank you!” L.E.

“Meredith- WOW -these are such a gift! thank you, meredith!  i’m crying they’re just so wonderful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”- N.D.

“meredith!!!!!! I AM DYING!!!! that slideshow of my kids photos was the BEST thing I have ever seen, EVER, in my entire life!!!!  Thank you!!!!  I can’t stand it – you are so talented !!  I can’t wait for our order session! I WANT EVERYTHING! Thank you!!!!!”- A.W.

“Hi Meredith, I’m just speechless. The pictures are over and above what I expected! Both my husband and I love love love them. Thank you so much! We looked at them ALL WEEKEND LONG. Oh, and I took the DVD into the office today for my viewing pleasure. You can be sure I will pass your card to others with a hearty recommendation. Thanks again for everything!” – J.K.

“Hi Meredith, the photos are amazing!! The photos look wonderful, just perfection. Thanks so much for everything!!!” – T.D.

“Meredith, You’re amazing!!! Thank you soooo much for today…you were great and everyone thought you were fab and my kids can’t stop talking about their big “shoot” day and their tres cool photographer! Thanks again!” – S.H.

“Hi Meredith, the photos are amazing!! The photos look wonderful, just perfection. Thanks so much for everything!!!” – T.D.

“We received the photo books and USB. Thank you Thank you Thank you. So amazing. Thanks again.” -D.M.

“AMAZING. Wow. I love your compositional style, more asymmetrical with diagonals showing up in wonderful ways. Gives even the calm photos a dynamic feeling. Thank you very much Meredith.” – D.K.

“wow meredith that is an amazing bunch of pictures!! holy sh*t the kids look incredible and my wife looks amazing!! i love them and the kids ones truly are remarkable.” – S.S.

“Meredith these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Crying and so overcome THANK YOU!”- D.L.

“Meredith, You rock! What a great selection of photos. I am sooo pleased with the outcome! Thank you very much!” -H.B.

“Meredith, Those photos are so amazing!  Thanks so much! See you again soon!” – N.C.

“You are a goddess…I swear, we’ve gone through the album and USB a million times. We cannot stop looking at them. Thank you so much. You make us all look so good….You are seriously the best.” — E.L.

“It was so much fun! Baby really had a good time and so did Mama. The whole experience was surprisingly effortless and the end results were amazing! Thank you Meredith! Can’t wait to see you next year!”– A.F

“The shots are so incredibly beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Really they are by far the best photos we have of our girl and all of the grandparents are going ape sh*t. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” – J.S.

“Thank you SOOOO much! They’re awesome! I already sent a bunch to my Mom who kvelled. Thanks Meredith!”- I.D.

“OH my god these are AMAZING!! holy shitake you are good, woman! thank you so much!”- A.M. “Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!!!!!! Seriously, you’re so talented a photographer we can’t thank you enough!”- M.Y.

“Thanks Meredith: I love the album. I love the pictures.  My best birthday gift ever.  And it was so much fun!!”- N.A.

“Meredith, once again thank you for the beautiful pictures. My family and friends absolutely loved the pictures. Thank you for capturing my children’s beauty forever.” – C.M.

“Meredith thank you! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!”- E.M.

“These are GAAAAWWW-GEOUS Meredith! Just beautiful work. We are absolutely thrilled! Thanks!!!” – I.D.

“cripes. you are a genius. so great.  my gawd. perfection! thank you! thank you!” -M.H.

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