Engagement Session!!!

This RIDICULOUSLY ATTRACTIVE (and talented- they’re both amazing actors and musicians and writers and puppeteers and just overall incredibly amazing human beings… oh and they’re also hilarious) couple asked me to photograph their engagement session. I shot both of their headshots and pretty much haven’t stopped jumping up and down ever since they asked me to photograph this session. They are both ginormous comic book fans so we shot at the equally amazing Bergen Street Comics.  Bergen Street Comics were wonderful and let us use their space (WITH INCREDIBLE NATURAL LIGHT!!! omg!) before they opened and I’m already looking forward to going back and getting armfuls of incredible comics!

This couple was SUCH FUN to shoot!!!  They are so beautiful and equally beautifully in love (awww) I could have stayed with them all day…  And the light was soooooooooo spectacular omg…

Check out how these gorgeousnesses rocked everything out of this world:




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Counting Our Blessings in the wake of Sandy

Being a NYC photographer it’s impossible to ignore the horrible disasters, destruction, loss of properties and lives that surround us in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  My heart goes out to clients, friends, colleagues and all who have lost power, water, homes and much much more.  It truly reminds us how fragile life can be and how important it is to wholeheartedly appreciate what we have while we have it.

We were extremely fortunate in Park Slope as the damage in this part of Brooklyn was minimal (though many trees were lost which I always find so sad.) That being said I am constantly reminded of our friends in Long Island, NJ and lower Manhattan who were not so fortunate.  It’s times like these that we count our blessings and reach out to be with those around us and help out those in need.

If you’d like to help out with the relief effort please visit:

Please help the NYC aquarium!!!!https://secure3.convio.net/wcs/site/Donation2?df_id=5341&5341.donation=form1&autologin=true

http://www.ny1.com/content/top_stories/171662/ways-to-help-sandy-relief-efforts-in-nyc & https://connect.brooklyncommunityfoundation.org/brooklyn-recovery-fund

All the very best, m

HAPPY SPRING from Meredith Zinner Photography!!!!

Hi All!

This beautiful Spring has been marked with so many awesome family, headshot, baby and children’s photo shoots I can’t thank you all enough! Thanks to all who purchased Mother’s Day Gift Certificates and all else who are booked for Spring!! So very much to look forward to! I promise to try to devote some time to blogging (as of now I’m about 100 shoots behind! GAH!)… undoubtedly most will come when I’m on vacation!

Thank you all again and HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!

My Not-so-secret Weapon

For headshot/portrait shoots, there is someone whom I particularly need to thank for continuing to share their extraordinary unique, endlessly supportive and continuously beneficial contributions to each and every session. Ladies and Gentlemen… the one and only Chaplin.

Product Photography Shoot! NYC Natural Perfumer Lord's Jester!

I’ve been doing a bunch of on-location product shoots lately. Recently I did a photo shoot for Lord’s Jester an amazing new perfume house specializing in elegant, sensual all-natural perfumes. They. Are. SO. Incredible. They make perfume the way it used to be made. One batch at a time. The owner Adam is a genius. Truly. AND i got to witness how perfume was MADE. How often in one’s life do you get to experience that?

Adam wanted photos that captured both the lush sensuality of his products and the clean crispness of his designs. An awesome challenge to behold. Here are some of the images… more are available on his site which i highly encourage you to check out.

wonderful letter from a stranger

I quickly wanted to share the following email I received today from someone from British Columbia who came across my website and had the most loveliest of things to say about my photography. I was beyond flattered and so thankful for his super kind words:

your ability to capture such complexity with so much simplicity amazes me
I absolutely love your work and am blown away by your ability to capture so much personality from the people you photograph and yet your pictures are beautifully simple. If you were to just crop the eyes of person it would tell you everything you need to know of the whole.

how outstandingly wonderful is that?
extremely wonderful.
thank you oh Canadian!

My first jeans ad!!!

This was such a thrilling day. Getting to run around the Manhattan’s gorgeous HighLine at 8am with two pretty much genetically perfect people. They just met and their chemistry was out of this world. They were both so lovely and wonderful to work with and I swear they could not take a bad picture. The best reason to start working at 8 in the morning. And one of the ads (not featured here… i’m working on it!) is going to appear in BOTH November and December’s issue of NYLON GUYS! Yes!