At home in NJ!

I’m often asked if I travel outside of NYC. The answer is YES! And was I ever glad that I do when I met this gorgeous family in New Jersey! They were so wonderful and vivacious AND they have dogs so they had me at ‘is it ok that we have TWO?????’ One could immediately see the joy and love and beauty in all of their faces (parents included) as soon as I walked in their door. It was such a terrific afternoon! (And who doesn’t love newborns in fuzzy hats?!?!?) Hooray!!!

“You are amazing! These are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen!!!! Thank you so much Meredith. You are so incredibly talented.”- A.F.


Newborn in New Jersey!

Welcome to the world beautiful baby E!!!! We’re so happy to have you 🙂

Everyone was wrapped around this little one’s finger from minute one.  And you can see why.  Just 8 days old, and already a gigantic love magnet. Perfectly precious.  And what made this day especially special was that the entire extended family came from all around the world to celebrate her arrival (and help out her parents…) so of course we had to celebrate and document the beginning of her life!

And the parents wanted lots of black and whites which I always love!

All in all, an amazing treat.









Twins! TWINS!! TWINS!!!

This family was extraordinary.
There could not have been more love in this house if 100 rooms were added.
The parents beamed with such pride, joy and love and the babies were so beautiful, so delicious I’ve decided to move in :-).
What a wonderful job I have!
Thank you again for inviting me into your homes and for the extraordinary opportunity to document and celebrate your glorious lives.

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In Hospital Newborn Shoot!

One of my very most favorite things is the unbelievable opportunity of celebrating the very first breaths and days of a newborn. There is something truly, yes, otherworldly magical about their introduction to the world. Nothing quite like it.

I love being on call for ‘the call.’ Never quite knowing when or how they will decide to make their entrance but knowing that it will be magnificent.

This most extraordinary young thing met her first day in this world embraced with so much love you could have bottled it. Thanks to her arrival on the planet, everything is now a leeetle bit more wonderful.


How i LOVE the newborns… ohmahgash. And their older sisters (for whom I have a certain fondness, being one myself) who are so PROUD of their new siblings.

These girls were outstanding. SO much love. The eldest a true star. The newborn the most soft squishy delight imaginable. Both were hilarious … and so gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

The parents were amazing. So laidback and loving. It was a true delight to be able to be there for it all. Did I mention that I love my job?


Best big sister EVER