Meredith Zinner Photography

Hi, I am Meredith and I am jumping-up-and-down-80’s dancing-ready to capture the authentic heart of your amazing children (both 2 and 4 legged).

I’m based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC. I began photographing families 17 years ago by fully engaging in each child’s unique life and capturing their worlds and true personality through a mutual and shared genuine connection. Being silly, being gentle, and most of all being completely present in their homes and worlds, I was able to seamlessly experience and capture their true selves. I thought this was what all photographers did. However, when I actually looked around at other’s work, I was surprised to find an astounding lack of individuality, personality and/or heartfelt connection. Their photos all looked the same, same poses, same backgrounds, same lighting… as if every kid had the exact cookie cutter childhood but with a slightly different face.

My passion for capturing and preserving the nooks and crannies of childhood, love, and genuine expression and being able to beautifully present it right back to them is what makes me feel complete.

Now, I am able to share my insatiable desire to authentically tell people’s stories with the highest commitment to an incredible experience and product.

In addition to capturing the joy of childhood, I enjoy photographing shelter dogs to help them find their forever homes, eating dark chocolate and green smoothies, missing David Bowie and yearning to hug an elephant.

If you are seeking to capture your children’s amazingness for all time, then this could be the start of something special.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Let’s take some photos!

  • * Please note! For baby photography, I only photograph their giggly pudgy selves aged 6 months and up when their edible personalities and all that deliciousness begins to bloom.



Please note! My photographs are heartfelt and engaging, “look-how-awesome-real-life-is” portraits. If you’re looking for posed, every-hair-in-place, studio-perfect portraits, I’m probably not the right match for you. There are gobs of great photographers available for that style, but it’s just not my area of expertise. I’m far more of an ‘ooooh SLIIIIIIIIME’ one.