Park Slope Prospect Park Baby Boy LOVE!!!!!

This little baby boy J had to be one of the most edible babies on the planet. I loved loved loved LOVED photographing him!!!

 How I managed not to sneak away with him in my arms (“quick, parents! Look THERE!”) I still don’t know.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM. Nothing short of complete delicious.

MeredithZinnerPhotography_01 MeredithZinnerPhotography_02

Those legs!!! Try not to eat your computer.


MeredithZinnerPhotography_04 MeredithZinnerPhotography_05

Oh my heart.



Could this family be any more gorgeous??? LOOK AT THEM!!!

MeredithZinnerPhotography_08 MeredithZinnerPhotography_09

Preeeetiest Cherry Blossoms courtesy of Brooklyn’s amaaaaaaaaaaaazing Prospect Park 🙂


Oh that belly!!!



Thank you so much G, A and baby J for sharing your afternoon with me! I so can’t wait to capture the years to come!

C o n t a c t