NYC Actors Headshot Session!

Look. At. This. Gorgeous. Face! I mean, come on… LOOK AT IT! and, what’s even cooler? is that she SO had the heart and soul and intelligence and pure solid awesomeness to go with it. AND- she took the time to write the following, which just makes her beyond amazing. BEYOND.

You. are. INCREDIBLE. Meredith. Seriously. What the h*ll? My dvd arrived yesterday. I just want you to know that I don’t know how you did it (do it) but these are so amazing. I just can’t believe how beautiful these are. From picture one to the end, they are all 100 percent me. And I don’t think that happens with many photographers. Normally I look at myself in pictures and think, “eeeeeh, who IS that?” But, I really feel these are me. And I think I look beautiful. I don’t think that about myself mostly. And I want to thank for showing me that. Anyway, you’re the sh*t. And I will recommend to everyone. You know how to do it. Mwah. -N.H.

I think I’ll keep her 🙂
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