Children’s Birthday Party Testimonials for Meredith Zinner Photography!

“OH MY HEAVENS….. seriously…….. you are sensational. what a gift. so many gifts. meredith? thank you.” -L.K.

“The pictures are amaaaaaaaazing!!!! Thank you SO much Meredith!!!”- H.M.

“Meredith, you have such a way with people and kids that puts everyone at ease. A talent indeed. And the photos are incredible. Thank you so so so much!” – B.L.

“Meredith- WOW! These are amazing! I can’t wait to share them with everyone. What BEAUTIFUL pictures! You captured the essence of my family. How lucky we are! Thanks again!”- M.F.





“OMG. Those family party photos are amazing.  THANK YOU SO MUCH… You are the best in the biz.” – E.F.

“OMG. Totally amazing. Thank you so much!”- N.D.

“Meredith, thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures you took. We just looked at the photos again and we were yet again blown away.  you are such an amazing photographer. we just love the photos and can’t decide our favorites. thank you thank you thank you!”- A.W.

“Meredith you ROCK!” -J.S.




“oh my god I am totally overwhelmed by the AMAZINGNESS of all these pix!! can’t really believe it. you are so talented and wonderful! thank you!”- A.M.

“Meredith thank you so much, the pictures are fantastic!!!”-S.K.

“Meredith, I want to thank you for all your good work at our son’s party!! We were so pleased by your ability to get in the mix and take so many amazing photos! You have such a wonderful work style and I’m thrilled that you were there to capture our special day. You were amazing to work with and we’ll be sure to refer you to others and we can’t wait to work with you again! Thank you so much!”- J.B.




“Meredith, thank you. It was so important to me that the photos taking didn’t take over the party in any way and you were so wonderful! … really sweet and so lovely … and the pictures are sobeautiful!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much Meredith!!!!!!!!!!!”- M.C.

“Thanks Meredith!! It’s been hard to narrow down the field because they are all so good, but we just ordered some prints and can’t wait to put them on our walls! We loved them ALL. Thanks!”- A.B.

“Meredith, the photos are fantastic! We so appreciate thatyou are able to come to our celebration every year… thank you so much!!!  We just love the pictures and feel so lucky to have your amazing talents document our family as our children grow.  It is so special to have you there and we just really thank you, thank you again and again!!!!”- S.K.


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