Childrens Photography


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I absolutely LOVE kids.

I love how every child is their own special thing with their own special sparks …

How they’re complete complex human beings before they can speak.

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children baby photographers nyc
nyc baby family photography

How each continues to inspire, amaze and delight  in endlessly new ways.

How hilarious they are.

How mischievous.

How silly.

How unique.

How filled with love.


Every session is customized around YOUR child

allowing full freedom of play, surprise and interaction. This provides you truly unique personalized images that showcase and authentically capture your child’s individual personality, spirit and heart.

No two sessions are alike as no two kids are alike and that is wonderful.

I want you to be delighted.


I take a lot of photos.

Which means you get a lot of photos to choose from.  Usually around 80-100 final photographs.



I’ve been photographing children for nearly 20 years.



I take care of everything.

My job is to provide phenomenal client service and make certain you get the best experience possible. For years to come.

I know you are crazy busy.  Which is why I come to you, and personally help you create your own custom collection based on your needs and wants. There are no set packages so you are free to choose whatever items you love most.




start at $450 for a family of four. Customized wall art begins at $390. Most clients typically invest $1800-$3800 towards their custom collections.

To schedule a shoot or ask questions- give me a call or shoot me an email.

I’d love to hear from you :)

“Hi, Meredith!  We have been so, so happy with these photos – I feel like you really captured our girls and we are grateful to have these photos of them as the beautiful, exuberant, silly and terrific kids they are.  Thank you and see you next year!” – S.B.
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